Games, Cyprus and Frolics

Hey all, hope April has been good to you. As most of you know you can keep in touch with me via Twitter (@thedarylmorgan) but for those who don’t have a Twitter account you can catch blogs on here every so often. I won’t be doing one a week as that gets boring but I’ll try and add videos and pics whenever I can.

Ok so I did a Q&A with a guy off twitter who has his own youtube page/channel (JX23) which was cool, he’s a huge gamer so what was even more fun was the LIVE youtube stream we did playing Call Of Duty on the PS3, it was amazing, although my practice I was great and in my mind I was the complete killing machine all my skills failed me on the actual live session.. every new game we chose around 16 random gamers to join I just died constantly… but fear not my fellow gamers I have been practicing, although it’s been on Medal Of Honour I’ve been getting skills.. and eh IM GOOOOOD! lol

One of my younger cousins has gone away to the Army so we had a huge family gathering in Manchester, family from Glasgow (trip to Glasgow soon) came down was nice to see everyone but then sad knowing what my younger cousin’s up against. I’m proud of him and everyone who goes to fight on behalf of our country.

I also went to Cyprus I love Greek food think I’m getting obsessed, I’m also learning Greek, although hard I went over with a small amount of confidence, soon as someone spoke I crumbled like a stale block of Feta.. haha better keep up the lessons then eh. I’m headed back in May so another reason to get a jog on with the studies.

My mate Rick Parffit JNR has Crohns Disease, it’s a horrid thing which effects mostly men, he has a huge charity event in London every year ‘RockBall’, my boyfriend me, Paige and Lyndsey went, he managed to raise over 100K which is phenomenal so thankyou to everyone who supports the charity. OK! Magazine covered the black tie event, we were in the back and overall it was an amazing night.

I wanna take my car to the track, or at least have a track day in a supercar, If i have some spare time in May i’ll do it.

Stay safe everyone and thanks for coming along….

Daryl xx

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Check this out!

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A little welcome…

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Hello world!

Hey everyone!  Just set this up and now I’m having a play, so bear with me and keep checking back for updates x


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